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  • Instant user system
  • Instant Zlib
  • Powerful plugin interface
  • Website backend pre-coded
  • Extremely flexible
  • Ability to interface with existing user systems
  • Can automaticaly update
  • Core system processes in under a second
  • Heavily documented and commented

News and Updates

Attero2 current development path?
May 29, 2010, 4:14 pm - by Patrick M.

Attero2 is forever adapting and shifting, being built upon to suit more and more needs every day. But what's the focus now?

Hello everyone,

Patrick here with a brief explanation of the current focus of the Attero2 development. Right now we're aiming at improving our plug-in feature, since plug-ins are a big thing! Now currently, plug-ins are set to work a little something like this.

Each plug-in has its own folder in the /plugins/ directory, each one of those folders MUST contain two specific files, or the system won't allow it to be loaded.

  • runbefore.php

  • Runbefore.php is pretty self explanatory, it's run before most functions in glb_crucial.php (and well before the page starts rendering) which allows you to display something at the top of the page if you wish, but more importantly, it can set up variables before Attero2 has a chance to do so.

  • runafter.php

  • Runafter.php runs its code at the very end of the website processing. It is essentially the last thing that happens on the website. Each file is pushed into an array which is eventually exploded and each file is run. It sounds way cooler than it actually is.

Of course, each plug-in can include as many files as it wants in its directory. To implement a plug-in, the user doesn't have to edit a single crucial file! Well, they do have to edit a string in config.php.

By default it looks like this:
$plugtl = '';

If your plug-ins directory was 'testplugin' that string would become:
$plugtl = 'tesplugin';

If you had multiple plug-ins, they're simply separated by a comma.
$plugtl = 'testplugin,plugin2';


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